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Tax Strategies

Unique Tax Saving Strategies for Canadians

    Its becoming harder and harder to find ways  of investing and having your investment growth accumulate tax sheltered. There are still some unique strategies available to help take the bite out of taxes. I've listed a few below. But these, and other strategies, depend entirely upon availability and each individual financial situation.

Please keep in mind that these examples are put on these pages for your information only. I am certainly not a tax specialist or accountant, and it is important to check with these experts before changing your tax strategies in any manner.

    The Estate Bond is one of the few tax shelters allowed by Revenue Canada. Each Estate Bond must be taylor made to fit individual requirements.

    A concept whereby an individual accumulates money on a tax sheltered basis and uses that asset to provide a stream of tax free pension income.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR MORTGAGE INTEREST TAX DEDUCTABLE - Conservative leveraging for the conservative investor. (If the phrase "conservative leveraging" sounds like a contradiction in terms, please read on. There is a way for conservative investors to participate in leveraging without running any undue risks.)

HOW TO DE-REGISTER YOUR RRSPs WITHOUT GETTING A TAX HIT Taxes owing on your RRSP/RRIF at de-registration can increase dramatically as your retirement savings plan increases in value. Here's one method to soften the tax blow

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