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September 2014



Top 10 reasons to have an estate plan

You've worked hard for many years, even decades, to get where you are today. It can all be taken away in a matter of moments without proper plans in place. Estate planning starts by considering the events and changes that death or serious illness will bring. Then it tries to improve the situation for you and your heirs.

An estate plan should:

Minimize the taxes your estate will have to pay. Remember, you have the right to arrange your affairs so that you pay a little as legally possible to Ottawa.

Simplify the estate settlement process. Clear, written instructions can make it easier for your heirs to look after your personal and business matters rather than slogging it out in the courts causing delays and extra costs.

Ensure there's enough cash to pay the taxes and other immediate liabilities of your estate. A personís debts and obligations shouldn't last longer than they do.

Utilize your Will and other documents to distribute the assets of your estate according to your present wishes. Review regularly as your situation will change over time.

Guarantee, as far as possible, adequate financial provision for your dependents. By using the right amounts of the right insurance, you and your loved ones, even your business, can weather just about any storm caused by death, injury or sickness.

Reduce the number of problems that your family will have to face. They're going to be traumatized already, they won't need more.

Anticipate future economic changes that may affect your plan and allow for them.

Co-ordinate the various elements of your plan so that they augment, rather than counteract, each other.

Control the settlement costs of your estate. Nobody likes to pay more than they should for anything. This can also mean more left to your loved ones.

Support and enhance your other financial planning goals. There can be many parts and pieces to your overall estate. Ensure that all these pieces work well together.

It is difficult, often impossible, to plan your own estate without help. Your financial advisor can co-ordinate your efforts with other professionals for a smooth process.

Prepare an estate plan – because it’s the responsible thing to do.

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