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October 2014



Steps you can take to age well

You've planned for years for a certain level of financial freedom in your retirement years. You may have heard a story or two about someone who retired and didnít make it to their next birthday. Here are a few steps to take to make sure you can enjoy your hard earned retirement:

Stay Physically Active - You don't have to run marathons or enter weight lifting contests. Walking for an hour or so daily can help the cardiovascular system and help reduce the effects of ailments such as arthritis and osteoporosis, even diabetes. Talk with your doctor before starting any activity program.

Stay Mentally Active - Sitting in front of a TV all day will probably hurt your mental acuity more than help. Reading can help keep the mind sharp. There are also many games that can provide mental exercise and they're fun, too. Take the news and current events in moderation as they tend to be slanted towards the negative and don't really cheer you up.

Stay Socially Active - Many experience a drop in socializing when they no longer interact with fellow workers daily. Maintain social contact and consider becoming a volunteer. Explore new activities that provide a means to meet new people with similar interests. Re-connect with old friends.

Consider Vaccinations - The top three are Flu, Shingles and Pneumonia. Because influenza can cause a huge inflammatory response attack. response in the body, this can lead to heart attack and other illnesses. If you've had chicken pox, even a non-symptomatic case, you could be at risk of contracting shingles, a very painful disease. Many health care practitioners urge those over age 65 to get the one-time pneumonia vaccination. Talk to your doctor about your vaccine options.

Eat Healthy - Metabolism changes as we age and it is usually best to reduce what and how much we eat. Even a little bit of excess weight can cause heart, joint and respiratory problems. Reduce the amount of fatty foods and sodium in your diet, hydrate well, and eat vegetarian one or two days a week.

Maintain Family Connections - Keeping in touch with family members can provide a foundation of support, especially when you lose a spouse or develop health issues.

One of the top concerns of many in their retirement is having to move to a nursing home. Aging well can make this less likely.

Take steps to age well – because it’s the responsible thing to do.

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