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October 2006



Duties of an executor

Albert was named as the executor of a relative's will. He used the following list as a guide in settling the estate. This list is not all encompassing and is not intended to provide specific legal or tax advice. Additional duties may be involved:

1 Locate and review the Will.

2 Deal with intentions, such as organ donation, burial or cremation, etc.

3 Contact and retain lawyer for advice and assistance as necessary.

4 Contact life insurance company.

5 Give notice to beneficiaries as to contents of the Will.

6 Locate and protect assets.

7 Protect business interests.

8 Collect valuables.

9 Open Estate bank account.

10 Ensure all property is properly insured.

11 List and value assets.

12 View safety deposit box and list contents.

13 Determine if any agreements apply to assets, such as business or matrimonial agreements, etc.

14 Determine if any property located outside of the province of residence.

15 Apply for Canada Pension Plan benefits.

16 Notify Provincial Health Care office.

17 Order Provincial Death Certificates as necessary.

18 Cancel credit cards and determine debts.

19 Redirect mail as necessary.

20 Cancel subscriptions, memberships, etc.

21 Arrange transfer of jointly owned assets.

22 Apply for a Grant of Probate.

23 Contact public trustee if minors involved.

24 Advertise for creditors.

25 File tax returns and obtain clearance certificate.

26 Pay taxes, debts, funeral expenses, etc.

27 Prepare an accounting of the administration of the Estate and determine your fee.

28 Defend, commence lawsuits as necessary.

29 Convert assets to cash where appropriate.

30 Prepare and have all beneficiaries sign a release.

31 Distribute the assets of the Estate.

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