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February 2014



10 things you can do to live longer

Aging begins the moment we are born. You can add years, perhaps decades, to your life if you:

  1. Eat lightly. As we age, our metabolism slows down and we need fewer calories to fuel our bodies. Reducing caloric intake by 15% to 30% can help avoid obesity and lower your food bill.
  2. Eat whole foods. Today's food choices offer more and more processed products. This simply reduces the nutritional values and concentrates the calories we consume. By eating more foods as grown and reducing fat intake, you also get a bigger nutritional bang for your food buck.
  3. Exercise. By becoming even moderately active regularly, you can improve your overall health and well being. Exercise does not need to be strenuous to be effective. By developing a regular weekly exercise plan, you can prevent muscle loss, reduce the effects of osteoporosis, control cholesterol levels and keep joints lubricated.
  4. Enjoy healthy, close relationships. We may not want to admit it, but sometimes we need other people's help. Having healthy relationships also reduces stress.
  5. Donít smoke. Smoking is one of the main causes of heart disease, cancer and stroke. It constricts blood vessels, raises blood pressure and can increase cholesterol levels. Smoking is also very expensive.
  6. Get lots of fresh air. Open windows instead of running the air conditioner and go for regular walks outdoors. Our bodies need lots of oxygen to function well. Getting situation plenty of fresh air helps with lung capacity and can improve blood circulation.
  7. Get plenty of rest. We need some time to "re-charge our batteries" and if we don't, we just run down more quickly. By not getting enough sleep and rest, our bodies can become more susceptible to illness and disease.
  8. Donít work yourself to death. You should enjoy the work you do, but you should not work yourself to exhaustion. Over-work strains relationships, puts you at greater risk of workplace accidents and contributes to stress related ailments.
  9. Live simply, avoid stress. Have you noticed that our lives have become far more complicated? By reducing the "things" in our lives and quit trying to keep up with your neighbors greatly reduces stress. It puts less strain on our wallets, too.
  10. Have regular bowel movements. We don't like to talk about this, but many ailments in today's society have been linked to an underactive, lazy colon. Eating fibre rich foods and drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily can help greatly.

Plan to live longer – because it’s the responsible thing to do.

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