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Mutual Funds, RRSPs, money management, insurance, investments;  the opportunities and strategies available to the Canadian investor are constantly changing.

LIFE LETTER and LIFE LETTER MATURE is written by Greg Bowen, an experienced Alberta Financial Advisor. Greg's advice has benefited thousands of satisfied customers. Please feel free to view the archives.

[April 2015]
How much do you need to retire? People often have different needs when planning their retirement.

[March 2015]
Could you run out of money? How to diversify your retirement income..

[February 2015]
Much of what you do today is digitally based. To properly take care of your affairs, you need to consider this in your estate planning.

[January 2015]
You could possibly save someone's life (or your own) by knowing the symptoms of heart attack.

[December 2014]
Enjoy your retirement! Avoid discomfort and health problems by eating well in your retirement.

[November 2014]
Protect yourself and your family with these fraud prevention tips.

[October 2014]
Enjoy your retirement! Here are a few steps you can take to help you age well.

[September 2014]
A look at the top 10 reasons you should have an estate plan.

[August 2014]
A look at downsizing and being able to enjoy your retirement.

[July 2014]
Some valuable estate planning lessons learned from celebrities.

[June 2014]
We all will retire one day, and we strive to protect our retirement income.

[May 2014]
Mortgage fraud is increasing in Canada, and here are a few ways you can protect yourself.

[April 2014]
As a snowbird, make sure you know the travel rules for extended stays out of country.

[March 2014]
What to consider when deciding when you should start receiving your CPP.

[February 2014]
10 Things you can do to live a longer life.

[January 2014]
Advice to a future widow - how can you prepare today?

[December 2013]
Asking these 3 questions can help you recognize the symptoms of stroke.

[November 2013]
What is your family's financial position if you should die? What exactly is estate planning?

[October 2013]
How long will you be in the U.S.? Will you be subject to U.S. taxes?

[September 2013]
We thought Canada had abolished "Death Taxes", but your estate could still be hit with taxes when you die.

[August 2013]
Should you prepare your own will?

[July 2013]
Should you invest in the U.S. real estate market? It's up to you to know the consequences!

[June 2013]
10 Steps to finding the right retirement residence.

[May 2013]
What if I need long term care?

[April 2013]
How important is it that you have a will?

[March 2013]
A funeral planning checklist will help will help make your wishes known and can avoid many conflicts for those you leave behind.

[February 2013]
Economic uncertainty shouldn't lead to bad judgement decisions with your portfolio.

[January 2013]
Will the healthcare system look after you if you should experience a serious illness?

[December 2012]
Estates can be very confusing. LLMature for October discusses making an estate plan.

[November 2012]
Let's take a look at the different ways to get income out of your RRSPs.

[October 2012]
It's important to gain financial knowledge before something
disabling or tragic happens.

[September 2012]
When planning your heir's inheritance, could it be a good idea to 'share the wealth while' you're still alive?

[August 2012]
Risk management for your long-term investment strategies.

[July 2012]
You should be socking money away towards retirement in your later earning years.

[June 2012]
The needs of aging parents and their children.

[May 2012]
Standard formulas may no longer be sufficient in retirement planning.

[April 2012]
Looking at lifestyle changes that can be made to help secure your retirement.

[March 2012]
Estate planning for the terminally ill.

[February 2012]
What's your retirement planning mindset?

[January 2012]
Government benefits can help boost retirement income.

[December 2011]
A look at the planning required to overcome retirement obstacles.

[November 2011]
What steps can you take to help optimize your RRIF?

[October 2011]
Tax planning for severance packages.

[September 2011]
Estimating retirement expenses.

[August 2011]
Life Insurance for seniors?

[July 2011]
Maximizing your retirement.

[June 2011]
Risk of investing in retirmentm years.

[May 2011]
Pros and cons of annuities.

[April 2011]
What if I need long term care?

[March 2011]
Will your estate have enough cash?

[February 2011]
What if I need long term care?

[January 2011]
Will your estate have enough cash?

[December 2010]
The three levels of retirement resources.

[November 2010]
Are you a retirement savings "late starter"?

[October 2010]
Estate planning basics.

[September 2010]
Beware of these scams aimed at seniors.

[August 2010]
Beware how you help your kids financially.

[July 2010]
The Income Tax Bond.

[June 2010]
Travelling in retirement.

[May 2010]
Healthy eating for older adults.

[April 2010]
Ten steps to finding the right retirment location.

[March 2010]
Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) - What you should know.

[February 2010]
How important is it to have a will?

[January 2010 ]
The ins and outs of naming beneficiaries for your RSPs.









LIFE LETTER MATURE was designed for people over 55. Many of the recipients of my bi-monthly LIFE LETTER mailings haven't reached that age yet. But, everyone has family members and friends in the "over 55" age bracket. Please pass LIFE LETTER MATURE on to someone you know.

[December 2009 ]
A little info on the Canada Pension Plan update.

[November 2009 ]
There are some matters that need to be dealt with when a loved one dies.

[October 2009 ]
A little info on the Canada Pension Plan update.

[September 2009 ]
There are some matters that need to be dealt with when a loved one dies.

[Aug 2009 ]
A few steps to complete when selling your home.

[July 2009 ]
Will leaving the family cottage or house to your heirs be an asset or a libility?

[June 2009 ]
Remember, high blood pressure may not make you feel sick, so get it checked regularly.

[May 2009 ]
Fraudsters are becoming more and more creative at their craft. It's important to be aware of the dangers and protect your hard earned resources by being wary.

[April 2009 ]
Its important to understand that with Long Term Care, a significant portion of the cost is the responsibility of the patient. What will be sacrificed.

[March 2009 ]
Joint ownership is used by millions for various reasons. Problems can arise and you should understand the dangers.

[February 2009 ]
Recognize the difference between possible Alzheimer's Disease warning signs and normal age-related memory changes.

[January 2009 ]
Recognize the difference between possible Alzheimer's Disease warning signs and normal age-related memory changes.

[December 2008 ]
Recognize the difference between possible Alzheimer's Disease warning signs and normal age-related memory changes.

[November 2008 ]
You can do certain things now, while you're alive to reduce the problems your heirs will have to face when you die.

[October 2008 ]
Think about a Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (GMWB) for your retirement savings.

[September 2008 ]
Most people wouldn't buy a vehicle without test driving it first. How about a retirement test drive?

[August 2008 ]
Knowing the symptoms of a heart attack can save a life!

[July 2008 ]
Providing long-term care for a loved-one.

[June 2008 ]
What are the consequences of owning property in the United States?

[May 2008 ]
What taxes are you responsible for after you die?

[April 2008 ]
of "tax-free cash from RRSPs" schemes. Protect your savings.

[March 2008 ]
Did you know that exercise can make life more comfortable?

[February 2008 ]
How much will I need to retire?

[January 2008 ]
You've retired! Now what?

[December 2007 ]
The Family Meeting - Let your family know your wishes.

[November 2007 ]
What to get the Grandkids? - Something meaningful with lasting value.

[October 2007 ]
More income and less tax? It can be done!

[September 2007 ]
How can you tell when a senior needs help with finances?

[August 2007 ]
How long will I need life insurance?

[July 2007 ]
What if I can't look after my affairs?

[June 2007 ]
Why you should plan your estate.

[May 2007 ]
Advice to a future widow.

[April 2007 ]
Budget 2007 benefits for you!

[March 2007 ]
Is your retirement income at risk?

[February 2007 ]
A great new opportunity to split income.

[January 2007 ]
What do you need to know about diabetes?

[December 2006 ]
How to protect yourself from fraud..

[November 2006 ]
Death taxes in Canada? You bet.

[October 2006 ]
Duties of an executor.

[September 2006 ]
Your personal estate checklist.

[August 2006 ]
The importance of an estate plan.

[July 2006 ]
Should you prepare your own will?

[June 2006 ]
Top Retirement Tips.

[May 2006 ]
When should I start receiving my CPP?

[April 2006 ]
Getting an income from your RRSPs.

[March 2006 ]
When should you stop driving?

[February 2006]
Passing it on to your heirs - Estate Planning.

[January 2006]
Estate planning tips and traps.

[December 2005]
How to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

[November 2005]
Redefining Retirement

[October 2005]
Is a reverse mortgage the way to go?

[September 2005]
How to protect yourself on the internet.

LIFE LETTER is used by permission - Greg Bowen

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